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Production and raw materials

Coplant means production of plants in container. Therefore our aim is to produce an always bigger range of trees and shrubs in container available in every season, in order to satisfy our clients with a constant service.

The strength points of our production are diversified. One of our strength points is the continuous research of the most suitable containers to the plants that we grow.

Another aspect that is very important for us is the composition of the substratum that we use, which has been created in our nursery with real perfected recipes during the years. These are recipes because also in this case, we produce the suitable substratum, taking into account the type of plant and size of container.

In addition to this, during the years, we have selected the varieties of trees and shrubs following the needs of the market, and we always introduce new varieties to offer an always bigger choice to the professional operators of the nursery and gardening sector.

We produce trees in open field available with rootball during the period of vegetative pause of the plants, but we have also started and specialized during the years a production of trees in container to satisfy the needs of a market, that nowadays does not follow the cycle of the nature, in order offer the possibility to plant the trees and shrubs 365 days every year.

Besides the classical container, since many years we use for the production of the trees the PlantInBag (PIB), a very interesting solution because it speeds up the growth of the plant and facilitates the taking roots when the plant has been planted.

The PlantInBag (PIB) is made up of polypropylene material of white colour, that thanks to the passage of air and light avoids the spiral of the roots, assuring an always fresh root system. In addition to the cultivation benefits it is more practical in comparison to the classical container, and it is lighter and more manageable. In addition to this, because it is not rigid, we reduce the risks of damaging the stems of the trees during the transport and above all, when we remove the plant from the PlantInBag for the plantation, it is easier and cheaper the disposal of this material.
The trees with shape are one of the latest offers that we have inserted in our assortment: trees with cube form, cylinder, roof and espalier, grown in open field and in container. These trees are grown with specific shape to satisfy the needs of space and/or to give the possbility to draw with geometric shapes your own green space.

Our plants production in container offers you ground cover shrubs with diameter 14/15 cm, evergreen shrubs, deciduous plants, flowering shrubs, hedging plants in container 17,18, 24, 30 of diameter, specimen shrubs. In addition to this we produce conifers, climbing and fruit plants in different sizes, besides a big collection of ground cover roses, landscape roses, with big flowers , polyantha roses, climbing and espalier roses. All our roses have the licence with the most important hybrid growers: Kordes, Meilland and Tan Tau.

In our production we have also the assortment of shrubs grown with espalier shape, spiral, pon pon, cone, cube, ball and small trees with crowns of spheric shape.

To complete our assortment we have started producing forest shrubs, herbaceous perennials and grasses.


Coplant Testimonial

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The Company Coplant offers to the Clients a wide choice of plants of excellent quality with a qualified and helpful staff.

Lessi Enrico

Owner, Vivai Galiano Lessi S.s.

I advise Coplant for the quality, assortment, reliability, professionalism, willingness and the punctuality of the deliveries.

Santagiuliana Daniele

Owner, Vivai Rizzato

You appreciate the quality and variety of the production. It is a valid point of reference for many years as alternative to all the plants that in the past were exclusive of Tuscany.

Ermes Rossi

Owner, Rossi per il verde

We buy from Coplant for many years and we really are satisfied both of the offer of products and the advice that we receive. The staff is qualified, friendly and patient.

Arnaldo Rossini

Vice-president, ARnewgreen Soc. Coop

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