we care about the respect for the environment


Coplant cares a lot about the respect for the environment. Therefore we use different systems to reduce both the waste and the pollution.

We have been using in our nurseries for many years the irrigation with drop system to guarantee a precise and homogeneous irrigation, reducing the water waste.

To go on talking about this issue “reduction and water waste”, we have introduced the cocoanut fibre (renewable material) inside the soil of our production, that thanks to its good quality of water retention can reduce the water necessity and at the same time can reduce the use of peat.

Another important aspect is the recover of the green waste and of the consumed soil that are milled, mixed and are used again to amend the open field nurseries.

While the biggerst wood waste of the pruning are converted into woodchips that are used to heat the greenhouses, thanks to a new generation boiler installed in 2015, that maintains a controlled temperature in the winter period to protect from the cold the more sensitive plants varieties.

With this system we have reduced the noxious emissions produced by the old diesel boilers.

In short, also for the moving and maintenance of our plants, we do our best to use as much as possible electric equipments and electric machines.



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The Company Coplant offers to the Clients a wide choice of plants of excellent quality with a qualified and helpful staff.

Lessi Enrico

Owner, Vivai Galiano Lessi S.s.

I advise Coplant for the quality, assortment, reliability, professionalism, willingness and the punctuality of the deliveries.

Santagiuliana Daniele

Owner, Vivai Rizzato

You appreciate the quality and variety of the production. It is a valid point of reference for many years as alternative to all the plants that in the past were exclusive of Tuscany.

Ermes Rossi

Owner, Rossi per il verde

We buy from Coplant for many years and we really are satisfied both of the offer of products and the advice that we receive. The staff is qualified, friendly and patient.

Arnaldo Rossini

Vice-president, ARnewgreen Soc. Coop

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